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The Financial Wellness Program is BFA's community service program and its mission is to provide tried and tested financial literacy workshops to individuals and families in socioeconomically disadvantaged communities in the Greater Boston area.

The Financial Wellness Program is designed to teach financial literacy on topics such as:
Managing Credit
Money Savvy
Money Management
Financial Planning for College
Student Loans
We will be teaching in two settings:
BOW Community:  Babson, Olin, and Wellesley are three colleges that partnered to expand educational opportunities. Considering each college has a different niche, we plan to host BOW workshops to fill in the gaps.
Boys and Girls Club: In the spring semester, we will collaborate with the B&GC of Boston to teach financial literacy and entrepreneurship to high school students. 

For Trainers:

Students who are accepted into this program will go through a training program which is provided by Professor Jennifer Bethel of the Babson Financial Literacy Project and will become Financial Wellness Trainers. These trainers will then teach financial literacy workshops at other schools and institutions with the aim of serving underprivileged communities. This program is open to Freshman, Sophomores, and Juniors. 

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